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Iron Man 3 review


And here it is a very, very, very, very big film. From a very, very, very big saga. With a very, very big star. And a very big cast. With a big budget…

‘Iron Man 3’ shows the aftermath of the Avengers movie, from Tony Stark’s perspective. He is haunted by the event of aliens attacking New York. However, there is a much bigger threat at home for Stark as a terrorist named Mandarin is using a highly dangerous virus called Extremis to cause mass bombings around the U.S.

So, Jon Favreau is no longer in the director’s chair, and has given it to acclaimed action comedy director, Shane Black. And to us movie critics we all know what that means. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Yes, Mr. Black in most of his movies set them at Christmas time. But enough about the setting, did Mr. Black do a good job? Oh yes. He did well. Who would be a better replacement? No one, but a man who insists that every character has tongue in cheek dialogue in their pockets and can easily fit to its main actor.

In terms of the cast, it’s a glove to a hand. Robert Downey Jr. is Sharp and hysterical, hands down. Gwyneth Paltrow is sexy and sleek. Don Cheadle is… good (couldn’t think of a fitting adjective here, sorry Mr Cheadle), Guy Pearce plays a smart secondary antagonist with a mullet, and Ben Kingsley is great, but I’m not going to reveal why. You have to watch the movie to see why. Trust me on that.

The set pieces are grandeur as the special effects make it as good as caramelised apple. This especially applies for the part in which Tony Stark’s house is destroyed. It’s a pretty good effort from Shane Black, as this seems to be his first major special effects superhero movie.

In terms of flaws, there is a certain….uh…to be honest I can’t think of any right now. I am so incredibly lazy and unintelligent right now. If you can point out any flaws in the film, please inform me. I mean there is no such thing as the most perfect film of all time, but this film does a great job of being a welcome successor to the other Iron Man movies.

Overall, If you’re into that whole Avengers saga, watch it. If not, you should probably catch up. THEN WATCH IT!!!! If you don’t feel like it, fair enough, you lazy you….

Rating 4/5


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